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23 June 2024
Embracing Petrocollapse: interview with Jan Lundberg (podcast) PDF Print E-mail
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by Jan Lundberg   
14 January 2009
There are some engaging moments in this show especially in the second half. Host KMO has offered 136 previous interviews, of authors Daniel Quinn, Albert Bates, Dmitry Orlov, Albert Bartlett, and James Howard Kunstler, in addition to unusual topics such as the Amazonian Shamanism Conference (July 2007 podcast). The program is C-Realm Podcast, and the "C" stands for consciousness.

According to the website for this show, "KMO has another go at finding 'the upside of down,' this time with Jan Lundberg of and the Sail Transport Network. Could petrocollapse be right around the corner? Jan Lundberg thinks that it might be, and what's more, that might not be such a bad thing. Topics include the plastic plague, pedal powered produce, and unearthing sustainable living by de-paving paradise. Music by the Depavers."

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