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02 October 2023
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by Jan Lundberg   
19 October 2008

Culture Change magazine (formerly Auto-Free Times)

Issue #20
Issue #19
Issue #18
Issue #17
Issue #16
Issue #15
Issue #14
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Issue #20 - Winter 2002-2003
Iraqi oil not enough for US: Last days of America?; Ancient Humboldt Forests Being Clearcut; Twin Oaks Community: History of a Successful Commune; Anti-work, Pro-community (with current and historical analysis of employment) Your tax-deductible donation is needed immediately to cover printing/mailing costs!

Issue #19 - Fall 2001 
A Violent Culture is not the Only One Conceivable; Why Culture Change is Necessary and Underway; The Unsustainability of Sustainability; Biological Feminism; Vehicle Noise; Is Oil Transported Food "Organic?"

Issue #18 - Spring 2001 
The Oil Crash and You; 10 Ways to Make Streets Safer; Public Markets as Tools for Change; California Redwood Coast Threatened by Bypass Proposals; and More...

Issue #17 - Spring 2000
Sail Transport for Good/s of the Future, The Tribeless Shall Come Together for Success, Oil as Yesterday's Price/Supply Worry?,  Battling the System or Waiting for Collapse - A report from Seattle

Issue #16 - Summer 1999 
Preparing for a Sustainable Future, Overpopulation via Petroleum Dependence, Depaving Continues!, Hydrogen Revolution and Further Corporate Domination

Issue #15 - Spring 1999 
View the cover photo of Julia 'Butterfly' Hill, Defending our Towns and Forests, Highway 55 Occupation, United Auto Workers, Y2K Economic Collapse...

Issue #14 - Summer 1998 
BC Rainforest, Pedestrian Malls, Reclaim the Streets Parties, Road Fights: More Billions for U.S. Highways, Corridor H...

Issue #13 - Winter 1998 
Critical Mass Wars, Autosexuality and Auto addiction, Report from Kyoto, Global Warming Meltdown...

Issue #12 - Late Summer 1997 
Pedal Power Produce, Parking Lot Protest, Depaving for Crops, Pedestrian Survival...

Issue #11 - Spring 1997
Brian Campbell's House Bikes, Time Pollution, Business by Pedal Power, Combating Human Roadkill...

Issue #10 - Winter 1996

Issue #9 - Summer 1996
Yesterday's Auto-Free Times, Ecological Cities "Yes" - Electric Cars "No", Interview with Kirkpatrick Sale , How to Make a Street Auto-Free , Amsterdam Targets the Car , Help Start a National Depaving Group...

Issue #8 - Spring 1996
Driving Animals To Their Graves, Fuel-Economy Standards Encourage Driving, McKibben's Kerala, My Car-Free Life, Traffic Expands to Fill Available Road Space, "Predict and Provide" Planning is a Dead End, Reclaim the Streets...

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