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29 November 2023
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Greetings from the redwoods,

The Global Warming Crisis Council (GWCC) is a worldwide group dedicated to concerted action to avert catastrophic climate change. We believe in strong curtailment of energy use -- massive reductions -- that would result in change of life-style for a more community-oriented culture.

The urgent need for the GWCC is three-fold:

  1. Global warming is expected to increase average temperature in the next hundred years by 15 degrees fahrenheit, when positive feedback loops are considered.
  2. Renewable energy and other alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear energy are not ready as full substitutes, and may not support the present population size; yet, the well-funded segment of the environmental movement pushes mainly a technofix rather than slash energy consumption today.
  3. The GWCC has been established based on an understanding of petroleum as the key to the economy's trade infrastructure and main facilitator of modern agriculture and food distribution.

Our nonprofit host that originated the GWCC was the Sustainable Energy Institute, former umbrella sponsor for Culture Change. In the past our organization published Auto-Free Times magazine which was the main organ of the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium. We publish on our website and via email the Culture Change Letter on topics relating to energy, transportation and culture; one Letter in 2003 was the invitation to join the Global Warming Crisis Council. See Culture Change Letter #26.

The GWCC communicates mostly by email to exchange information and build the council. See box above right for link to join.

Thank you for considering,
Jan Lundberg, oil-industry analyst

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