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07 May 2021
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by Jan Lundberg   
18 June 2005
ImageHere are 21 things you can do to upstage and replace the global pollution economy - and save money, improve your health and have fun.
  • Buy a used car instead of a new one
  • Trade clothes and other goods instead of buying
  • Go to thrift stores, flea markets and lawn sales to buy anything
  • Grow as much of your own food as possible. At least save compost material for gardeners
  • Buy only local food, unpackaged (of all materials plastic is the worst)
  • Eat food raw and make sprouts to minimize cooking, learn how to live without a refrigerator
  • Use a clothes line to dry clothes, towels and sheets
  • Plant trees and shrubs, preferably food-producing, especially in soil liberated via de-paving
  • Share everything, especially energy-consuming appliances
  • Change your job, if you commute (unless if by bike), to a closer job, or move closer to a job
  • Get a bicycle, and hook up a trailer or cart when needed
  • Don't borrow money from an insitution (e.g., mortgage); pay rent. Never charge or pay interest
  • Forsake jet travel, for it tears up the atmosphere and uses more fuel per capita than any other form of transportation except single-person cars
  • Have only one child, or none, but do adopt

And if you have time:

  • Oppose any new development of land that adds to energy consumption or subtracts from arable land
  • Have your city council or county supervisors adopt measures to keep money within the community instead of enriching distant corporations
  • Don't pay for services you don't use or approve of, even if others pay automatically
  • Perform civil disobedience and noncooperation to change policies and protest wrongdoing by government, corporate and schools
  • Slow down your pace, if you are trying to do a lot and seem too busy, and take the opportunity to spend time with family and friends
  • Write letters to the editor about doing the above and about issues that make clear the need to support the ecosystem and fellow humans of the community
  • Follow your dreams, put more love in your life, love yourself by taking care of your health instead of sacrificing it for society's aims. Have fun, obey little, resist much

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